Adai Circle is a technological non-profit organization devoted to teach, empower and equip vulnerable people (orphans, handicaps), students’ dropouts, and those who do not have access to education with skills in computer programming, data science, and artificial intelligence. We work with vulnerable people around the world. The goals of Adai Circle organization are to improve the social and economic standards of people in order to foster development in different communities. By so doing, we make sure that;

  • Every orphan should have access to digital literacy in data science and artificial intelligence for the development of our community

  • Women and men should get an education in technology and have some skills and work in order to provide for their families.

  • Every handicapped and orphan should be in school, safe, and attend classes every day

Adai Circle is guided by the following values: Integrity, Reliability, Responsibility, Transparency, Dedication, Unity.

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