Welcome to Dzaleka Connect — your gateway to the extraordinary talents thriving within the Dzaleka refugee camp. We are more than a platform; we are a community-driven initiative dedicated to showcasing, supporting, and amplifying the voices of talented artists, entrepreneurs, and creators.

Our Mission

Connect the world to the incredible talents of the Dzaleka community and provide resources for success.

How We Empower

Through profiles, interviews, and features, we spotlight the remarkable work of Dzaleka’s talents and share their inspiring stories. Our commitment extends to providing resources and support, empowering these individuals to grow and excel in their fields.

Volunteer-Powered Passion

Our team, comprised of dedicated volunteers and supporters, shares a passion for amplifying the voices and talents of the Dzaleka community. We believe in the unique contributions of each individual and are devoted to helping them share their gifts with the world.

Discover Opportunities

Dzaleka Connect opens doors to various opportunities for artists, entrepreneurs, and creators in the camp:

  • Artist Showcases and Exhibitions: Display your work to a wider audience through exhibitions and online showcases.
  • Entrepreneur Pitch Competitions: Pitch your business ideas, connect with potential investors, and propel your venture forward.
  • Creative Workshops and Training: Elevate your skills with workshops led by field experts.
  • Networking Events: Build valuable connections within the Dzaleka community for career growth.

Microfinance and Entrepreneurship Hub

In addition to showcasing talent, we’re launching a Microfinance and Entrepreneurship Hub. This initiative offers small loans, financial literacy, co-working spaces, mentorship, and community events, fostering economic empowerment within Dzaleka.

Get Involved

Have an idea for an opportunity? We’re all ears! Reach out, share, and let’s continue supporting and celebrating the vibrant talents of Dzaleka.