Bakari Mustafa is an African-born Australian Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Former Refugee.

He grew up in Malawi, a small country located in South-eastern Africa but was born in Burundi. Settling in a UNHCR refugee camp in Malawi. He migrated to Australia in 2015 after being granted asylum by the Australian government.

About Dzaleka Connect

Dzaleka Connect is an online portal and directory dedicated to connecting people who have one main thing in common – Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, Africa – and a desire to better the lives of those who live or have lived there.

Created by Bakari Mustafa. Dzaleka Connect offers both current and ex-residents and others who care about Dzaleka an opportunity to bring about social change by applying their passion and insight to a variety of projects that will benefit the future of Dzaleka and those in it.